Rancho La Gitana Workshops 2019

This summer we celebrated our third year of hosting six weeks of art workshops for the children of the village of Tzurumutaro. We enjoyed a special opportunity when Trudi Diening, an instructor and Literacy Outreach Coordinator at Capilano University of British Columbia, Canada, offered to teach English as a Second Language in three separate classes – children, mothers of the children attending the art workshops and a special class for the three women from the village who are the art workshop teachers and apprentices at our second hand store project, Segunda de Primera, as well as their partners and a 15 year-old girl. 

The variety of activities Trudi used to teach ESL had everyone engaged from the very beginning.  Her classes were especially geared to be different and useful to each group she was teaching.  Games and exercises incorporating numbers, colors, facial features, and helpful conversational phrases were taught.  Many of the participants have inquired when Trudi will be returning and we are hopeful it will be in the near future.  She left her students (now new friends) wanting more – which to me, is a sign of a great teacher and motivator.  ¡Mil gracias , Trudi!

We are also grateful to Mary Jacobs and the members of ALAS for their continuing support of the art workshops we offer at Rancho la Gitana during each vacation session throughout the year.